What We Do

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Zamir Equities executes core, core-plus, value-added, opportunistic investment strategies designed to minimize risk and enhance overall value for investors.

Our investment approach capitalizes on a broad platform of in-house real estate professionals whose expertise spans all phases of property investment and management. These global resources are grounded in a consistent, disciplined investment process that combines local market knowledge and hands-on operational expertise to create value and meet clients’ investment goals. Zamir Equities continues fine-tuning our adaptable investment philosophy to various market conditions and acquisition opportunities, and deliver significant returns to our individual and institutional investors.

Overall, Zamir Equities is committed to disciplined portfolio management and geographical diversification in growth markets to offset economic risk from single market concentration, while simultaneously achieving exceptional returns for our investors and partners. Since our company’s inception in 2003, we are approaching $1 billion in carefully acquired commercial real estate assets. We purposefully engage only in friendly transactions and work with talented management teams to achieve transformative results.

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value. Prior to a deal, we scrutinize a property, resulting in few surprises or modifications. Specifically, our due diligence team follows a detailed analysis of variables that range from macro/micro factors associated with the marketplace. All our assets undergo rigorous examinations, ensuring a property’s strong performance when we take ownership. Physical asset characteristics are examined to determine required capital improvements, compliance with local ordinances, evaluation of its environmental condition, safety and fire protection, as well as cost-effective improvements to create incremental value. We center on the region, market, and sub-market, including general demographics, specific competition, rental rate surveys, supply/demand characteristics of products and users, trends in rental rates, vacancies, and concessions. We coordinate our in-house efforts to examine property conditions and environmental surveys, conduct lease and sale comparables, garner market intelligence from the brokerage community, and perform sensitivity analysis. Zamir Equities interviews every tenant to confirm lease obligations and building conditions. All due diligence and underwriting is conducted internally and none of the critical activities are assigned to external vendors.

Our seasoned asset manager’s focus on maximizing and maintaining the financial performance of the properties under their supervision. Their responsibilities range from tracking and analyzing local market conditions, spotting and capitalizing on economic trends, and forecasting capital expenditures. Zamir Asset Managers (ZAM) are also tasked with identifying new revenue sources that maximize the asset’s existing revenue streams, while simultaneously locating and implementing amenities that add value to the property and our tenants enjoy. When closing, our ZAMs create detailed multi-step operating plans for executing their vision with a positive motivating approach for each property, focusing on realistic, specific goals and achievable results. Our ZAMs follow our Zamir Equity model of balancing the need to enhance the services and amenities for our tenants, with exploring and capitalizing every opportunity to increase the asset’s occupancy and net operating income. As engaged hands-on operating partners, our Zamir Equities team is committed to cultivating strong and stable rent rolls, streamlined and effective management operations, and committed to improving the productivity of the underlying asset.

The acquisitions and disposition of real estate assets are of critical concern to Zamir Equities.

Through constant communication with regional asset management teams and ongoing financial analysis, our Zamir Portfolio Management Teams (PMT) actively manage every aspect of each asset’s lifecycle, including optimal hold periods and exit strategies; major capital improvement and leasing programs; overall fund liquidity; and the timing, type and amount of any required financing. The Zamir PMT maximizes portfolio performance, along with an emphasis on transparency, including property management practices and institutional quality reporting standards. Zamir PMTs are responsible for communicating regularly with equity investors and lenders about major portfolio events, portfolio performance updates, and semi-annual distribution reports.

Our Zamir Equities Leasing Team (ZELT) specializes in maximizing office occupancy rates across our portfolio. Our disciplined, proprietary, analytical approach enables us to consistently produce positive results. Whether it is a privately held entity or a publicly traded corporation, we closely examine prospective tenants’ financials, business industry, management, and the direction of the company. wants to know that the company supporting the long-term lease is likely to pay its full rent from the first year to the last, and also provide strong possibility for renewing or extending the lease. Our ZELT works with property managers, construction managers, asset managers and counsel, providing sustainable and superior customer service.

Our Zamir Equities Leasing Team (ZELT) specializes in maximizing office occupancy rates across our portfolio.

At Zamir Equities, our asset management goal for investors, partners, tenants, and our employees is simple and straightforward: Identify investments that create a sustainable and efficient portfolio of well-managed properties, which balance risk and reward, provide solid, growing returns with low-risk capital structures, which are resilient to market downturns.

Zamir Equities also believes our systematic sharing of ideas, expertise and market information results in better underwriting and pricing decisions, as well as a more seamless coordination of the design and execution of multifaceted strategies during the predictable long-term investment holding periods.

Zamir Equities earns a solid reputation among commercial real estate brokers, sellers, institutional investors, joint venture partners, attorneys, title companies, mortgage bankers and lenders, as a “buyer of choice” and as “closers.” Historically, we have never executed a contract without a successful closing. Our company values and nurtures long term relationships, understanding the mutual value to our partners, both for peace of mind and capital appreciation. Essentially, we are known for closing acquisitions smoothly, on time, at the contracted price with no last-minute price re-negotiations.