Our Story

Laurel Corporate Center & 1000 Bishops Gate

Founded by Asher Zamir in 2003, Zamir Equities is a privately held New York City based, integrated real estate private equity firm.

Currently, Zamir Equities cumulatively owns and manages $300 million worth of commercial properties, encompassing more than 1.4 million square feet. Since inception, Zamir Equities has executed more than $1 billion in commercial real estate transactions and managing more than three million square feet in commercial and residential properties along the east coast. Recognized for their astute acquisition proficiency, along with unparalleled real estate management, leasing and marketing experience, Zamir Equities specializes in risk-adjusted market returns in both undervalued and stabilized real estate assets.

Zamir Equities is recognized and respected by investors and commercial real estate professionals for our astute acquisitions of iconic and strategic office properties. Our acquisitions team, led by Asher Zamir, our company’s founder, along with a deep bench of seasoned experts, identifies emerging real estate trends and potential purchases based on the following formulated strategy and critical criteria:

  • – Fully constructed Class A, contemporary commercial real estate assets located in established primary metropolitan areas or in densely populated transitional secondary suburban markets in the United States, with statistical and circumstantial evidence suggesting significant employment and population growth.
  • – Preferred transaction sizes and portfolio values ranging from $10-$100 million, with an attractive price-per-square-foot below replacement cost, and a competitive capitalization rate, which varies income quality and growth velocity.
  • – High quality, investment grade/creditworthy tenancy, nationally publicly traded corporate tenants, national private tenants, regional tenants, and limited local tenants with long term leases and overlapping rollover schedules.
  • – High traffic, visibly located properties with convenient access to amenities, mass transit, airports, major intersections and thoroughfares, and with adequate parking.
  • – Distinctive and fundamentally sound design and efficient layouts, floorplans and construction, excellent physical condition with opportunities for enhancements, improvements, or additional embedded rent growth opportunities.
  • – Assets with projected upside and a good story, as a result of inefficient management requiring new leasing strategies, active management, physical capital improvements, and opportunities to renegotiate undervalued leases.
  • – Investment opportunities where we have operating expertise, differentiated insights and/or industry relationships, and where we can add value.

Asher Zamir, and his skilled Zamir Equities team, uniquely approach real estate investing like a three-legged stool, a triad between enduring experience, proprietary and data-rich research and models, and success-based intuition.

Zamir Equities is enthusiastically recognized throughout the real estate industry for their ability to swiftly grasp shifting market dynamics, identify hidden opportunities, all while delivering competitive investment performance. Ultimately, Zamir Equities expertly transforms complex asset situations into simple and singularly profitable opportunities with favorable debt terms in current market conditions. As a well-established New York City commercial real estate firm, with a track record of highly successful ventures, our active and entrepreneurial culture and robust investment platform allows us to quickly adapt as market cycles shift.

With no bureaucracy, we are able to swiftly seek new opportunities and achieve superior risk-adjusted returns. Our team collaboratively embraces new ideas, while always putting our investor’s interest first. Our belief in a hands-on approach to real estate—both in the office and in the field—is the same now as it was at inception. We understand the importance of effective operational expertise, significant long-term value creation and performance, and, of course, consistent and substantial return on investment. At Zamir Equities, it’s more than just putting money to work. As we look for investment opportunities, we’re also looking for ways to engage and improve the communities where we operate and where our assets are located.

Zamir Equities is headquartered in Manhattan’s Fred F. French Building, a stunning 38-story art deco building erected in 1927, and listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.